Where the Teens Are

Getting the attention of prospective students and engaging them in a conversation about their college choice requires not only finding a common language, but also the right place to have the conversation.

Where are the teens of "generation like"? A litany of research suggests they are are often online with one another, they are watching a lot of video, and they share and talk about what they watch. More and more, online video is directly shaping prospective students' ideas and expectations about higher education.

And yet, according to one close observer of digital marketing in higher education, video is "too often forgotten or largely overlooked by college admissions and marketing teams during the content creation process." The reasons why admissions teams struggle with video aren't hard to imagine: too much else to do, a lack of production capacity and expertise, fragmented governance, resistance to change, budgets that won't stretch quite far enough.

Liberal Arts Media provides on-call production expertise to help colleges and universities overcome obstacles to plan, organize, and create effective video appeals for key audiences.

From Smosh to Frosh:
What Colleges Might Not Get About
Online Video

Have you heard of Smosh?

Smosh are the online comedy team of Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, both in their mid twenties, who host an online video show titled Smosh. Distributed on YouTube, episodes of Smosh are regularly viewed tens of millions of times.

In 2014, according to a survey by Variety, they were the most influential figures among Americans aged 13-18. The success of Smosh and YouTube stars like them has lessons for creators of college marketing programming.

Why We're Developing AppleTV Apps

In 2015 Apple opened its Apple TV platform to developers, introducing tvOS. We think AppleTV apps provide a really intersing new way for colleges and universites to communicate directly with core constitutencies.